Home Staging

Selling Your Home or Renting Out Your Property?

Home Staging (Property Presentation) is the process of decluttering, cleaning, organising, rearranging and preparing your property for sale or rent.

It can be as basic as decluttering, re-arranging furniture and a general 'spring clean' to a more involved approach such as changing the colour scheme, replacing worn carpets, old fashioned light fittings, window treatments and completing all those unfinished DIY projects. Staged homes are snapped up faster and for higher prices than similar un-staged properties. Buyers are always looking for things that are wrong with your property so they can be in a good position to justify a price reduction.

Our role is to assist homeowners and landlords who are thinking of Selling or letting their property, by ensuring they receive the best price possible in the quickest possible time.

How do we do this?

Home Staging - How many times have you seen a house that has been 'For Sale' for over two months?

It is not generally because the house is overpriced for its location, but because it is overpriced for its appearance or condition. Home staging your property using our expertise will help you make the most of your home's features by presenting it in the best possible light.

Letting us professionally 'Home Stage' your property will put you in a great position of having that added advantage of making it appeal to the broadest buying audience, giving you the opportunity to receive the best possible price.

First Impressions Count

FACT: Most buyers make a decision on whether they are seriously interested in your property within thirty seconds of entering the property.

Home Staging can help sway that decision.

We assess the 'Kerb Appeal' of your property. This is when a potential purchaser views your home externally - which is crucial to convincing them to proceed with an internal viewing. With home staging we can suggest ways for improving the exterior and interior of your home to maximise the number of viewings.

FACT: Most buyers are willing to pay a higher price for a property they feel they can move into straight away without having to spend time and effort on it. Home Staging can help in securing a higher price.

We have a team of skilled professionals from all trades including Decorators, Plumbers, Electricians and Carpenters to Carpet Cleaners, Florists and Cleaners. No job too big or small.

We assess potential buyers' needs and entice them into wanting to live in your home. Buyers are generally looking for a home that they can move into immediately.

FACT: Most buyers are looking at your 'house' and not your 'home'.

With home staging, by using simple but effective alterations, we will ensure your house 'stands out' from similar valued properties to capture the attention of the serious buyer.

Positive Aspects Assessment

Using our experience and expertise in Home Staging you will be in an excellent position to command the right price on the sale/let of your home.

  • We review all areas of your property both internal and external
  • We produce a detailed report with recommendations and a cost breakdown and agree the way forward.
  • Undertake the necessary work; from simple de-cluttering and completion of unfinished DIY projects to complete re-decoration.
  • Everything we recommend, we have the expertise to deliver in a timely fashion.
  • Stage the property for sale and provide check-list to customers to use prior to viewings.
  • We will review viewers' feedback and re-assess if necessary.

One Day Home Staging

For the properties that only really require basic de-cluttering and re-arrangement, we are able to offer a one off 'One Day Home Staging'.

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